Emacs Reference Mug

A stylish and useful way to keep common Emacs commands at hand!

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GNU Emacs Mug

This is a standard 11 oz. coffee mug. The cup measures 4.5 inches tall, 3.25 inches across the rim, and 4.75 inches wide with the handle.

The mug features the GNU Emacs logo, along with two columns of common Emacs commands for everyday use. The mug is based off of information from the official GNU Emacs manual.

GPL v3
Like everything GNU and good, this mug is 100% open source (GPL v3). The license and source material is provided below. The source for the mug is a LaTeX document and a png containing the Emacs logo.

All content above is licensed under the GNU Public License Version 3 and Copyright Free Software Foundation and/or Aleksandrs Rudzitis.

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